CSS3 gradient border

Some days ago my preferred graphic designer come out with a strange call to action button style.

It was a rounded corner rectangle with a nice purple gradient as background and the reverse gradient was used for the border.
It was something like this:

Call To Action button with gradient border

The effect is really impressive for visibility, but I had no idea how to make a gradient border in css3.
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WordPress: breadcrumbs for custom taxonomies with Yoast’s SEO

WordPress SEO is a very good plugin developed by Yoast.
It has a ton of interesting features including a nice and easy to use ‘Breadcrumb‘.

It works like a charm until you have to integrate a custom taxonomy in a page:
for example I had to insert a Portfolio section managed by BWS Porfolio Pugin in normal page.

In my case (this site, portfolio section) i have a custom taxonomy for the portfolio in witch every post is a project I’ve developed.
Then the page ‘Portfolio’ retrieves the last entries and prints it like a normal blog homepage.
This is managed by BWS Portfolio plugin.

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