Bootstrap Navbar under WordPress

If you’re fallen in love with Twitter Bootstrap and WordPress as I am, you’ll probably need to develop a theme with both of them and one of the first issue you will find is to have the navbar integrated with the wordpress menu managing system.

There was a nice and candy walker, written by johnmegahan that makes the hard job done in like 2 minutes of googleing 🙂
Thank you John!

The limit was that it only support a double level menu. This means you can only make a dropdown, wich in BootStrap is not an anchor to a real page but only a toggler element for the openclose popup, with a list of one level.

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How to setup a Node.js and Arduino development environment under Ubuntu Server 12.04

Some nights ago I’ve decided to start learning something about a nice project started by Ryan Lienhart Dahl aiming to run javascript code serverside:
its name is Node.js and it’s designed for writing highly scalable Internet application using event-driven asynchronous IO.

My final goal is to have a central server commanding one or more Arduino to have my home automated as much as possible.

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