Safe PHPMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server

Today I reached the task to make the PHPMyAdmin install secure on one of my Ubuntu servers.

The machine is running Ubuntu Server 12.10, but you can follow this article also for Ubuntu 13.04 and newer.

Since a web multi-domain server is running on it, my idea is:

  • Have only one third level to reach PHPMyAdmin:
  • Remove /phpmyadmin from every domain.
  • Additional security is provided by http authentication.

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WordPress multisite: My Sites menu in the admin bar shows the same blog after updating to 3.5.1

Today I’ve noticed a little bug come out on my WordPress network running on a WordPress Multisite configuration.
In the admin bar the My Sites menu was showing the currently viewing blog a number of times.
Further looking revealed me that for every blog on the network that link was pointing to the current blog.

My first thought was ‘something went wrong in while updating WordPress to 3.5.1‘.
But I was wrong.
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