How to install Kodi on Ubuntu 15.10

Well one of these days it should happen… My Open Source Media Center pc had an hardware problem, so I’ve seized the moment also for a software update.
So I’ve noticed that my preferred Open Source Home Theatre Software has changed name: my beloved XBMC become my new best friend Kodi.

They use Lord of the Rings names, so I’m perfectly fine with em!
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Paypal – my zip code is not correct

Recently I had to enter an alternative address for my PayPal account.
I was stuck while attempting to insert the zip code because my five digits zip code was not validated by the PayPal interface.
Usually javascript takes care of such kind of validation. So I was able to dig into the code searching for a way to override it 🙂

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Adding some padding on a Google Maps

Some days ago I was asked to make a google maps with a nice translucent bar on “position absolute”.

Everything worked fine until some of the map markers went under the box.

To fix this issue I had to use the Projection object to translate the vertical and horizontal box pixels into gmaps coordinates and then extend the map bounds.

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How to add a close button to Bootstrap Popover

Recently I had to build a ‘smart booking form’ for a group of hotels. The website is made on Twitter’s Bootstrap and is fully responsive.
Troubles began when I had to ask the guest for his children’s age, only if he’s telling the form he has children.

Here the Twitter Popover feature comes very handy: if the guest selects one or more children a popover will be shown.

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WordPress: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

Some days ago I’ve updated my WordPress to the new 3.8 version.
For storing my themes and plugins I’ve set up a repository on a virtual machine running on the same virtual network.

This was working perfectly until WordPress 3.5, but since 3.6 the developers added a new security feature that denies access to repository with a local ip, for example 172.[16-31].x.x as in my case, but also, 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x.
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Safe PHPMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server

Today I reached the task to make the PHPMyAdmin install secure on one of my Ubuntu servers.

The machine is running Ubuntu Server 12.10, but you can follow this article also for Ubuntu 13.04 and newer.

Since a web multi-domain server is running on it, my idea is:

  • Have only one third level to reach PHPMyAdmin:
  • Remove /phpmyadmin from every domain.
  • Additional security is provided by http authentication.

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